Availability: Upon Request – OEM Orders

The production process of Items marked as “Upon Request…” starts after receiving the order and usually needs 3 weeks or more.

The model 111BF is constructed from a polished stainless steel case, which is corrosion resistant, and a snap-in lens helping you prevent glass breaking.

Eco-Mate group of pressure gauges covers a series of dry pressure gauges used as utility and cost effective solution. Eco-Mates benefit from the Bourdon tube measuring system. InstruMate factory chooses reliable bourdon tubes along with its unique method of welding the tube to the socket assuring enough attention even for the most cost effective gauges.

Eco-Mates are there for you whenever there is a need to measure gas, water, oil or any medium not corrosive to Brass and copper alloys.

Dial Sizes in mm

40, 50, 63, 100

Case Material

Polished Stainless Steel

Wetted Parts

Copper Alloy (Brass)

Accuracy Class

1.6%, 2.5% for 1.5"



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