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Durable, Reliable, and Accurate

InstruMate all stainless steel pressure gauges cover a wide range of pressure ranges from 0.6bar to 1600 bar. When it comes to industry-specific needs, InstruMate acts as a solution provider while maintaining its core philosophy: keeping industry costs as low as possible.

Full Stainless Steel

Trustworthy signal from your Messenger

InstruMate offers the sophisticated transmitter solutions under the category of Messenger Pressure Transmitters. Messenger category of pressure transmitters have one core mission; to get the pressure sensor electronic quantitative data and convert it to a reliable output signal and transfer it to wherever required.

Messenger Transmitters

Go Digital with most favored accuracy classes

InstruMate Digital pressure gauges have found the golden balance between price and accuracy. Accuracy classes from 0.5% to 0.02% are available.

Digital Pressure gauges

Electric contact gauges

What is more frustrating than having to stock switch gauges from 1 to 600 bar with various types of electric contacts? in order to fulfill your customer needs in this filed of measurement, you will need to make a big investment. But InstruMate helps you save thousands of dollars by offering modular electric contact gauges in Contact-Mate series.

Switch Gauges

Distinguished bimetal thermometers

we know many customers had bitter experiences buying bi-metal thermometers from Chinese suppliers. We have solved problems like vibration of the pointer, calibration accuracy, sensor reaction to temperature changes.

Bi-metal thermometers

Diaphragm seals & Gauges accessories

The complete series of InstruMate diaphragm seals from the favorite threaded type to sanitary versions all are gifted with the SS316L seal. Pressure gauge accessories like cock valves, needle valves, over pressure protector and else all are presented by InstruMate in a package.

Diaphragm seals Accessories

Differ-Mate 132A Differential Pressure Gauge

Magnehelic gauge

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