About us

A highly motivated team of experts in pressure and temperature industry have decided to reduce the industry costs by providing on-demand and affordable measurement products to the world. We are InstruMate Co. Limited team and we are running InstruMate World Project; Unlike most factories from east Asia to west Europe, we have prepared a warehouse of ready-to-ship measurement  instruments to fulfill your any immediate needs in this industry.
We have two groups of products in each category type. One group includes items in stock ready to be delivered to you in a matter of few days which have default specifications as in datasheets and the second group includes items for OEM production in case you do not find your market taste in our in-stock group.

Products are produced in an ISO 9001 certified plant controlled by a sophisticated quality control system . We know ins and outs of pressure & temperature business. We know what can make you frustrated working with a disorganized Chinese plant and we have taken good care of that.

We inspect goods before shipping to customers strictly using sampling method ANSI z1.4-2003.


number 1 instrument chain distribution in the world


Worldwide distribution of reliable pressure and temperature instruments insisting on availability and affordability.

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