Economy Bi-metal Thermometer

Model 412
For HVAC & hot water

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Model 412 InstruMate Economy thermometers also known as hot water thermometers are suitable for use in numerous applications such as HVAC, boilers and heating systems as well as machinery manufacturing.

412 series are equipped with a thermowell with a dual function:
1. Protecting the stem
2. Ease of future replacements

This thermometer with 63mm dial is widely used in coffee and cooking machines. Model 412 temperature gauge is cost effective but it has enjoyed the same care in production process as more expensive models.


  • Temperature indication of liquids and gases under process
  • Tanks and collectors
  • Hot water & HVAC

Special Features

  • Cost effective temperature measurement
  • Covering the wide range between -30 to + 500°C


Nominal Sizes in mm: 63, 100
Scale Ranges in °C: -30…+50, -30…+60, -30…+70, -20…+120, 0…60, 0…100, 0…120, 0…160,  0…200, 0…250, 0…300, 0…400, 0…500
Pressure limitation at Thermowell: Max. 60 bar
Temperature Element: Bi-metal sensor
Pressure Limitations: Storage & Transport: -20…+60°C
Accuracy: Class 2
Window: Glass
Stem: Material: Copper Alloy
Diameter: 9mm
Thermowell: Material: Brass for 412-63 SS316 for 412-100
Diameter: 12mm
Insertion Lengths in mm: 40, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600
Zero Adjustment: YES, check bottom of the stem


Data sheets

 Economy thermometers 412
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