Threaded Diaphragm Seal

Model 8201
Direct mounting on threaded process connection

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Seal-Mate group of diaphragm seals come between the pressure measuring instrument and some medias with can damage the instrument or be harmful if they get directly in touch with the instrument. In many industrial processes, it happens a lot that the media cannot or should not get into direct contact with the instrument. Sometimes that is for the sake of keeping the instrument work properly as the media is too viscous and might easily clog the process connections, and sometimes it is for hygienic purposes.

The flexible metal diaphragm of InstruMate seals is made of SS316L by default and the space between this flexible diaphragm and the instrument process connection is filled with a filling fluid, chosen in best interest of where the instrument is going to be installed. So the intended pressure is transmitted via the flexible diaphragm to the filling fluid and then via the filling fluid to the pressure instrument.

InstruMate diaphragm seals are vacuum protected and also not sensitive to sudden sharp increase in pressure.

InstruMate threaded diaphragm seal Model 8201 can be used for corrosive and hot media and also poisonous fluid which is
dangerous for environments.


  • For contaminating or poisonous fluids
  • Process industry with possible pressure spike
  • For hot or viscous media

Special Features

  • Modifications of lower body on request
  • Various process connections


Upper Body of Diaphragm Seal: Standard version: SS316
Lower Body of Diaphragm Seal: Standard version: SS316L
Diaphragm: Standard version: SS316L
Option: SS316L, Monel 400, Hastelloy C276
Maximum Permissible Process Temperature with PTFE Seal in °C: Standard version: Option: 260 260
Maximum Permissible Process Temperature with Metal Seal in °C: Standard version: Option: 400 400


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Diaphragm seal with threaded connection model 8201
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