Industrial gas actuated Thermometer

Model 422
For process temperature measurement

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InstruMate capillary thermometers can be used in places which are not easily accessible. One other important function of these gas actuated temperature gauges is installing in a remote place and reading conveniently at the desired place where its case is fixed, which means all dials on a single panel for easy visual comparison.

Per your choice, consistent 2% or even 1% accuracy across the full span can be guaranteed on InstruMate linear dial. This gas actuated thermometer model 422 covers all standard temperature ranges.

Model 422 is fillable for applications with extreme vibrations. Silicon oil is advised if instrument needs to be filled, unless for food industry you will need to use food compatible oil.


  • Temperature indication of liquids and gases under process
  • Chemical & Petrochemical plants
  • Machine building, food industry, piping
  • Refrigeration industry

Special Features

  • Fast response time
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Flexible choice of stem length and connection designs
  • Flexible choice of capillary and stem length


Nominal Sizes in mm: 100, 160
Scale Ranges in °C: -60…+40, -30…+50, -20…+80 , 0…60, 0…100, 0…120, 0…160, 0…200, 0…250, 0…300, 0…400, 0…500, 0…600, 0…650
Pressure limitation at stem: Max. 20 bar
Temperature Element: Gas actuated bourdon tube
Temperature Limitations: Storage & Transport: -20…+60 °C
Ambient: 0…40 °C
Accuracy: Class 2 per EN13190
Window: Instrument Glass
Case: SS304
Capillary Lengths (m): 1, 3, 6, 10
Stem: Material: SS316
Diameter: 8mm


Data sheets

Industrial gas actuated Thermometer
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