Precise Pressure Transmitter

Model 3103
For general industrial applications

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3103 InstruMate transmitter has a very high quality silicon sensor which makes all the difference when accuracy is your concern. High precision and excellent repeatability make 3103 perssure transmitter to be the best choice for precision demanding applications. This robust transmitter with Zero & Span adjustment screw and 0.25% BFSL accuracy is the best choice to combine with InstruMate diaphragm seals. Two special features of polarity protection and anti-jamming circuits are embedded in every InstruMate perssure transmitter.


  • Sensitive Industrial Applications
  • Severe Industrial environments demanding a better ingress protection
  • Process Automation

Special Features

  • Strong structure and material
  • Polarity protection and anti-jamming circuit
  • High accuracy and precision


Pressure Ranges: from as low as 50 mbar to as high as 1000 bar Compound, vacuum & absolute ranges
Zero Point & Span  Adjustability: By potentiometers (±10%)
Long-Term Stability: Less than 0.2% of span per year
Non-Linearity: ≤ ±0.2% of span
Non-Repeatability: ≤ ±0.125% of span
Accuracy: ±0.25% BFSL
Wetted Parts: SS316
Output Signal: 4…20mA
Voltage: 10…32V DC
Ingress Protection: Angular Connector Form A: IP65
Angular Connector Form C: IP65
Circular Connector M12x1: IP67
Cable Outlet: IP67
Polarity Protection: YES
Anti-Jamming Circuit: YES


Data sheets

Pressure transmitter, Messenger series model: 3103
  • EN

Instruction Manual

Instrumate pressure transmitters manual for models: 3110 & 3103
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  • de
  • es
  • fr
  • fa
  • ar

CE certificate

Certificate of compliance
  • EN

EMC Report

Electromagnetic compatibility test report
  • EN

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