Electric Contact Pressure Gauge

Model 213
Snap-action contacts, heavy duty

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In industrial processes, there are times when you need to read the pressure values and at the same time have the ability to alter electric circuits (open/close) at desired set values. In case the media demands a stainless steel instrument, then InstruMate model 213 electric contact pressure gauges are the right choice. Contact-Mate 213 is a heavy duty pressure gauge with switch contacts of snap-action type.

InstruMate electric contact gauges open or close electric circuits depending on the position of the indicating pointer. So if pressure value monitoring and switching application are needed at the same time, InstruMate Electric switch gauges come in handy.

Having them put into correct application, InstruMate Electric Contact Gauges with their robust design are a reliable choice fo switching  functions (normally closed, normally open, and change-over contacts).

Setpoint for contacts are adjusted easily by the use of a key supplied with the product and free movement of the value-pointer is guaranteed regardless of the setpoints.


  • Circuit switching and plant monitoring
  • Controlling industrial processes
  • Making or breaking electric circuits in a plant
  • Power plants, chemical, petrochemical and machine building
  • Use as electric alarm contacts
  • Do not use for medias that are viscous, crystallizing.
  • Do not use in hazardous or explosion prone areas. Check Model 214 instead

Special Features

  • Easily adjustable contacts
  • Reliable reading and switching
  • Long lifespan and possibility of filling the instrument
  • Various switch contact options
  • Full stainless steel construction with heavy duty tube


Nominal Sizes in mm: 100, 160
Scale Ranges: 0…1 bar to 0…600 bar Vacuum & compound ranges
Safety Version: S1 per EN837
Contact & Contact Material: EC1 snap-action contacts,  70% silver & 30% nickel, Gold plated
Pressure Limitations: (Heavy duty) Steady: 100% of full scale
Fluctuating: 90% of full scale
Short time over pressure: 130% of full scale
Pressure Element: SS316L
Permissible Temperature: Ambient: -20…+60 °C
Medium: +190 °C Maximum for dry version 95 °C Maximum for oil filled version
Accuracy: Gauge Accuracy: 1%
Switching Accuracy: 3%
Window: Safety Glass
Case: Stainless Steel (S1) according to EN 837-1
Movement: Stainless Steel


Data sheets

Pressure gauge with electric contact model 213
  • EN

Instruction Manual

InstruMate Electric Contact Gauges Models: 212, 213 & 214

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