Easy Assembly Electric Contact

Model 215
Add contacts to your instruments

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Contact-Mate 215 is a blessing for both pressure gauge stockists and customers in need of electric contact gauges with lower prices.

InstruMate 215 Contact-Mate is the best choice for stockists of pressure gauges worldwide to save a lot of stocking costs for putting every single range of switch gauges in the shelves, waiting for the sales day.

At the same time, it is also a cost efficient solution for customers in general industrial applications who need circuit switching at th same time with gauge readings. So if pressure value monitoring and switching application are needed at the same time, a Contact-Mate is your cost effective solution.

Contact-Mate 215 opens or closes electric circuits depending on the position of the indicating pointer and they are a reliable choice for switching functions (normally closed, normally open, and change-over contacts).

Setpoints for contacts are adjusted easily by the use of an adjusting screw on front side of the instrument.


  • Circuit switching
  • Controlling general industrial processes
  • Making or breaking electric circuits in a plant
  • Do not use in hazardous or explosion prone areas. Check InstruMate model 214 instead

Special Features

  • Make an Electric contact instrument within few minutes
  • Easily adjustable contacts
  • Possibility of filling the instrument
  • Various switch contact options


Contact & Contact Material: EC2 snap-action contacts, 70% silver & 30% nickel, Gold plated
 Special Features: * Make an Electric contact instrument within few minutes * Easily adjustable contacts * Possibility of filling the instrument * Various switch contact options


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InstruMate easy assembly electric contacts
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