Oil Filled Pressure Gauge

Model 112AC
For pulsating pressures or mechanical vibrations

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InstruMate group of pressure gauge covers a series of oil-filled pressure gauges efficient for plants or machineries with pulsating pressures or mechanical vibrations. As sensitive a pressure gauge as might be, vibration threatens its long life span and that is the time InstruMate 112 series come into action.

InstruMate 112AC is shock resistant (when filled) and is offered in the popular design of crimp type. This cost efficient pressure gauge has screws for holding the mechanism on its case and this is a sign to distinguish it from cheap level of gauges with short life span.

Since oil filled pressure gauges have a copper alloy connection, considerations about their corrosion and clogging is recommended. The model 112AC is constructed from a matte stainless steel case with a crimped ring. This model has a strong compact design. All InstruMate pressure gauges have  geometrically balanced dial designs, thus a much easier reading experience.


  • Vibrating machineries, diesel engines, refrigeration industry
  • Measuring needs with sudden or dynamic pressure changes
  • Hydraulic systems, pumps and presses
  • Do not use directly for medias that are viscous, crystallizing and corroding copper alloy

Special Features

  • Cost efficient
  • Heavy duty design for 100mm dial size
  • Strictly Calibrated, supervised by Random testing
  • No leakage guaranteed



Nominal Sizes in mm: 63, 100
Scale Ranges: NS 63: 0…1 bar to 700 bar
NS 100: 0…0.6 bar to 700 bar
Vacuum & compound ranges
Pressure Limitations: NS 63
Steady: Fluctuating: Over-Pressure: 75% of full scale 65% of full scale 100% of full scale
NS 100 (Heavy duty)
Steady: Fluctuating: Over-Pressure: 100% of full scale 85% of full scale 130% of full scale
Pressure Element: Copper alloy
Permissible Temperature: Ambient: -20…+60 °C
Medium: +65 °C Maximum
Accuracy: NS 63: 1.6% of full scale
NS 100: 1% of full scale
Window: Polycarbonate
Case: Matte SS304, Crimp type


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Oil Filled Pressure Gauge
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