Pressure Switches

Model 221
with SPDT Switch

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Do you need to protect your refrigeration system from excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure with economic prices?Switch-Mate 221 is the answer. They are reliable to start or stop your refrigeration compressors or fans on air-cooled systems. They are easy to set up followed with the instruction manual. InstruMate model 221 offers various application possibilities with non-corrosive media like oil, water and air.



  • Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Stop or start of fans in air-cooled condensers
  • With control circuit of DC motors or large AC motors
  • Connect directly to a single-phase AC motor (Max. 2kw)
  • Non-corrosive media like oil, water and air

Special Features

  • Snap-action SPDT contacts
  • Compact design
  • Fully welded bellows
  • Promised switch accuracy ≤ 2%
  • Adjustable on site


Ambient Temperature: -40…+65 °C
Media Temperature Inside the Pressure Switch: -25…+65 °C
Rated Impulse Voltage: 4kV
Short Circuit Protection Fuse: 16A
Insulation: 400V
Connection: Free cutting steel, Nickel plated


Data sheets

Mechanical Pressure Switches model 221
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Instruction Manuals

Mechanical Pressure Switches model 221
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