Push button shut-off valve

Model 8103
Shut-off valve for low pressure gauges

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If the value is not necessary to be read continuously, the InstruMate push button shut-off valve can come between the gauge and the measuring line. In this case, the gauge will read the pressure only if you push the button on this valve and right after you release it, the valve is closed again, and eventually gauge is depressurized.

InstruMate 8103 finds its vast application together with low pressure capsule gauges. Push button model 8103 increases the lifespan of a pressure gauge.

Pay attention to the arrow on the casting. Media flow direction should match with this arrow. When installed with gas, make sure the sealing is perfect and there is no leakage.


  • Increase lifespan of pressure gauges
  • Increase lifespan of pressure gauges
  • Push-button stop cock
  • Gases and liquids not corroding copper alloy
  • Propane, Butane, NG, and dry gases

Special Features

  • PN4 for gases
  • PN16 for liquids


Sealing: NBR
Process Connection: G ½ female x G ½ female
Permissible Pressure: PN4 (Gases) PN16 (Liquids)
 Permissible Temperature: Storage: -30…+70 °C
Ambient: -20…+60 °C
Process: 0…120 °C Max
Body: Brass, Nickel plated
Mounting: Vertical / Lateral


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Push button shut-off valve
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