Mini pressure gauge

Model 114mini
for applications with space constraints

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InstruMate Model 114mini is the very compact pressure gauge for applications with space constraints. They are suitable for measuring pressurized air, gas, water and oil or non-corrosive media.

Their hexagonal case design makes installation with a spanner very easy.



  • Places with space limitations
  • High pressure capsules
  • Air gun charging kits
  • Do not use directly for medias that are viscous, crystallizing and corroding copper alloy

Special Features

  • Cost efficient choice
  • Hexagonal body
  • Special window material: break-resistant



Nominal Size in mm: 25
Scale Ranges: 0…10 bar to 400 bar
Pressure Limitations: Steady: 75% of full scale
Fluctuating: 65% of full scale
Over-Pressure: 100% of full scale
Pressure Element: Copper alloy
Permissible Temperature: Ambient: -20…+60 °C
Medium: +65 °C Maximum
Accuracy: 5% of full scale
Window: Break-resistant plastic
Case: Hexagonal case, nickel plated, not fillable
Movement: Spiral direct drive


Data sheets

Mini pressure gauge Model 114Mini
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General instruction manual for pressure gauges
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