Oil Filled Pressure Gauge

Model 112AB
For pulsating pressures or mechanical vibrations

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InstruMate group of oil filled pressure gauge covers a series of oil-filled pressure gauges efficient for plants or machineries with pulsating pressures or mechanical vibrations. As sensitive a pressure gauge as might be, vibration threatens its long life span and that is the time InstruMate 112 series come into action.

Shocks will not be a serious problem when InstruMate 112AB is responsible for damping their effect.

Since oil filled pressure gauges have a copper alloy connection, considerations about their corrosion and clogging is recommended.

The model 112AB is constructed from a matte stainless steel case with an outside bayonet bezel. This model has a very strong design. This manometer with special design of case allows you easy panel installation by clamps.

All InstruMate pressure gauges have geometrically balanced dial designs, thus a much easier reading experience.


  • Hydraulic systems, pumps and presses
  • Measuring needs with sudden or dynamic pressure changes
  • Vibrating machineries, diesel engines
  • Do not use directly for medias that are viscous, crystallizing and corroding copper alloy.

Special Features

  • Re-calibratable and re-adjustable
  • Reasonable price for a distinguished quality
  • No leakage guaranteed
  • High quality spare parts


Nominal Sizes in mm: 63, 100
Scale Ranges: NS 63: 0…1 bar to 700 bar
NS 100: 0…0.6 bar to 700 bar
Vacuum & compound ranges
Pressure Limitations: Steady: 75% of full scale
Fluctuating: 65% of full scale
Over-Pressure: 100% of full scale
Pressure Element: Copper alloy
Permissible Temperature: Ambient: -20…+60 °C
Medium: +65 °C Maximum
Accuracy: 1.6% of full scale
Window: Instrument Glass
Case Matte SS304 (outside bayonet)


Data sheets

Oil Filled Pressure Gauge model 112AB
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General instruction manual for pressure gauges
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