Oxygen/Acetylene pressure gauge

Model 111OF
Regulator gauges

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InstruMate group of dry pressure gauges covers a series of dry pressure gauges used as utility and cost effective solutions.
InstruMate utility manometers benefit from the bourdon tube measuring system. InstruMate production process assures enough attention even for the most cost effective gauges.

Model 111OF, which is specially made for oxygen, has a blow-out function on backside of its case. In case of the rupture of the bourdon tube, this blow-out will act as a vent to allow safe escape of the gas.

InstruMate 111OF fulfills the requirements of ISO 5171. All components in contact with oxygen shall be free from substances that may react violently with oxygen under normal operating conditions, e.g. hydrocarbon-based solvents, oils, greases and detergents.

All InstruMate pressure gauges have geometrically balanced dial designs, thus a much easier reading experience.


  • Oxygen, dissolved acetylene and liquefied gases
  • Welding and cutting
  • Medical regulators
  • Do not use directly for medias that are viscous, crystallizing and corroding copper alloy

Special Features

  • Special window material: scratch-resistant, break-resistant
  • Blow-out case design
  • Full brass socket made from high quality brass bar
  • Blow-out case design
  • Following ISO 5171 standard


Nominal Sizes in mm: 40, 50, 63
Scale Ranges: Oxygen Scale Range: Low pressures: 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 40 bar High pressure: 250, 315, 400 bar
Acetylene Scale Ranges: Low pressures: 1, 1.6, 2.5 bar High pressure: 40 bar
Pressure Limitations: Steady: 75% of full scale
Fluctuating: 65% of full scale
Over-Pressure: 100% of full scale
Pressure Element: Copper alloy
Permissible Temperature: Ambient: -20…+60 °C
Medium: +60 °C Maximum
Accuracy: NS 40: 2.5% of full scale
NS 50, 63: 1.6% of full scale
Window: Snap-in Lens, Scratch-Resistant
Case: Black steel (Electrostatic), with Blow Out


Data sheets

Regulator gauge Model 111OF
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General instruction manual for pressure gauges
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