Low pressure differential pressure gauge

Model 132
For ventilation & air conditioning

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In industries like HVAC where monitoring the air pressure difference between two locations is of high importance, reliable and accurate means to measure differential pressure are needed. There are several ways you can measure low pressure differential pressure. The simplest, and probably the best way considering price and durability, is to measure this value by means of a Differ-Mate differential pressure gauge model 132.

The model 132 is constructed from a coated Aluminum case that can withstand up to 160 hours straight exposure to salt water spray without any noticeable corrosion (tested in InstruMate production plant).

The lack of physical contact between the parts means that there is no wear inside the system that can affect the instrument’s accuracy in any way. Differ-Mate 132 with its frictionless movement technology and unique choice of magnet is setting the bar high for low pressure differential pressure gauges.


  • Clean rooms
  • Rooms differential pressure
  • HVAC
  • Filter monitoring
  • Fan pressure checking
  • Monitoring pressure drops
  • Do not use with corrosive gas to aluminum
  • Calibrated in vertical position. For maximum accuracy they
    should be recalibrated in the same position that they are
    going to be installed shall it be other than vertical

Special Features

  • Less wearing and tearing due to minimized physical
    contact of internals
  • Zero adjusting screw
  • Standard accessories for installation (included in delivery)
  • low pressure differential pressure measurement


Nominal Size in mm: 120
Scale Ranges: from as low as 60 Pa to as high as 250 inH2O
Static Pressure Limitation: -0.6 bar to 1 bar Maximum
Pressure Element: thin diaphragm
Permissible Temperature: Ambient: -10…+60 °C
Medium: -5…55 °C Maximum
Accuracy According to
ASME B40.100:
Grade C 4-3-4% for positive and compound ranges ≤ 125 Pa or equivalents
Grade B 3-2-3% for positive and compound ranges > 125 Pa or equivalents
Window: Break Resistant Acrylic
Housing: Aluminum, Grey coated
Overpressure Blow Out Plug: Silicon, opens at about 26 psi
Technology: Magnet and diaphragm
Magnet: Nickel-plated Nd₂Fe₁₄B (neodymium magnet)
Movement: Frictionless technology


Data sheets

Differ-Mate 132 – low differential pressure gauge
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Instruction Manual

Differential pressure gauge model 132
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